David De Mayo is known in professional circles as the Israeli Total Designer, a term that unites all the fields of architecture, from urban solutions through solitary structures, whether private homes or public buildings, internal spaces, a chair, a table, a mezuzah, a watch, cutlery,  a handle, all the way to the design of gardens and choice of plants.
Having all of these fields disciplined by a single leader creates harmony as a result of attention paid to function, human scale, materials, color, and how light affects them. The complex sum of these planning aspects and their relationship to each other leads to a unified outcome. According to De Mayo, the function of the architect is to translate the client's requirements into professional language. Fifty years of experience that began with his work with the Danish architect Professor Arne Jacobsen, his generation's Total Design patriach, have proven the success of the method to De Mayo in hundreds of projects in Israel and abroad, some of which were awarded in Israeli and international competitions.
David De Mayo was born in Barcelona Spain in 1932. He immigrated to Argentina with his family and completed his high school studies in Mexico. In 1948, he and his family moved to Israel and, after five and a half years of military service in the air force, he traveled to Sweden to study architecture. At the conclusion of his studies, he worked with Professor Arne Jacobsen in Denmark. In 1965, he returned to Israel with his wife Tamar and they established a family and an independent office that continues to operate to this day.